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Course «School of Curators»

It was created in 2011 (the first in Ukraine) and has been successfully implemented for 10 years.


- The course is a unique educational project of RA Gallery. Art education in Kyiv;

- The course forms in students an adequate understanding of the possibilities, tasks and role of the curator in the context of world and Ukrainian art;

- Listeners will gain knowledge in the field of art management and art dealing;

- At the end of the course, students prepare their own curatorial projects in which they will be able to apply the acquired knowledge in practice.


The partnership of the Institute of Problems of Modern Art of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine provides a serious academic and scientific platform for providing high-quality alternative education in the field of cultural management, which is based on both a theoretical and a practical basis in the field of innovative types of modern visual art.


The teachers of the School of Curators are leading organizers and curators of international projects, art historians and art critics, employees of contemporary art centers and museums. Their knowledge and experience will help to create and form a professional curator.


Join the New Elite of Contemporary Art!

After completing the course - a certificate of the School of Curators!


Duration of the course

UAH 3000

Price for 1 month

10 people / group

The class schedule will be

confirmed with the group

Sign up by number +38050 334 98 83 (mob/viber) or by filling out the form below.

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