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RA Gallery presents

"ROAD HOME" project
art objects, audio-visual installation, painting

For many in Ukraine, the definition of home has become a personal archetype. It can be a real house that was damaged by an explosive wave, a town that may no longer exist, or a city that is in enemy captivity. Associations and emotions overwhelm people from the word home, because it is the personification of our lives, memories and dreams. This archetype in its ramifications has one commonality - Ukraine. After all, all personal feelings and memories form one intangible whole, which is our country and home in the highest sense. There may be many opinions and contradictions, but all Ukrainians have a common desire to win and return home. To soldiers from the front and families from emigration. This is the hope of a new beginning, renewal of the home. This is the thought that keeps in rhythm and balance so as not to fall into the abyss of despair. The art project "The Way Home" from the RA Gallery embodies this emotional tension and the desire to return home and home through the vitalistic symbol of the bird and its habitat. There is symbolism and mysticism in this choice. April, the month of this project, begins with the International Bird Day and in a way defines the beginning of spring and the return of birds from hibernation. After all, this war is not just one endless winter of February 22, the end of which and the expected spring we so ardently long for. The center of the project is an installation combination of birdhouses painted by Ukrainian artists, each of whom contributed his individual concept of the house. It is supported by an audio-visual projection of a tree with a tangible element of ambient and peace. The center of the project is complemented by paintings with images of birds, thus creating a sense of unity of immateriality of the concept idea and actual images of birdhouses. All this makes it possible to feel the inevitability of the road home.
Svyatoslav Podlevskyi
artist, art critic

Participants: Olga Solovyova, Valery Shkarupa, Yuriy Solomko, Matviy Vaisberg, Andriy Gurenko, Viktor Deysun, Leonid Bernat, Svyatoslav Podlevskyi, Oleksandra Kyrylova, Mykhailo Shapovalenko

Curators: Lyudmyla Pilyavska
Svitlana Sapiga
Svyatoslav Podlevskyi
Andrii Tryliskyi

Nataliia Tryliska
Andriy Zyabluk

With the support of: All-Ukrainian creative union BZ-ART
Group "YUNKA"

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